Ketsumeisei Herbal Blend

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The use of Chinese herbs has enjoyed a long and successful history in eastern medicine. Ketsumeisei™, developed by renowned Chinese medical expert Dr. Xianen Wang, is a proprietary blend of premium Chinese herbs known for their support of healthy circulatory and metabolic functions related to the liver. Restoring liver function and systemic microcirculation helps support numerous processes throughout the body which may improve:

-Energy levels*
-Blood sugar control*
-Extremity circulation*
-Blood flow and volume*
-Visual acuity*
-Fatty” liver*
-Sexual health*
-General well-being*

Ketsumeisei™ employs a unique and powerful blend of Chinese Wild Yam, Cape Jasmine Fruit, Chinese Ginseng, Sicklepod Senna, Safflower, Astragalus Root, Kudzu Vine Root, and Chinese Licorice.