Chaste Tree Berry Extract - 2 oz

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Chaste Tree Berry Extract

Vitex agnus-castus, Vitex, Chaste Berry, Monk's Pepper.

Chaste tree berry (vitex) extract contains various therapeutic properties useful in maintaining healthy reproductive systems in both women and men, and is used to support a normal menstrual cycle. Vitex is known to support vitality.

* Promotes female hormone balance, and also helps to restore general tone to the female reproductive system.

* Supports a healthy menstrual cycle.

* Helps to nourish both the female and male reproductive systems.

* Promotes vitality.


Chaste tree berry has been long used for its reproductive related benefits. It is also called monk's pepper--monks in the Middle Ages used this fruit with a strong belief of it helping to decrease sexual desire and inspire chastity, much like its name implies. We recieve this berry dry from Croatia and activate it through our extraction process. Our process has been used consistently over the past two decades to produce only the highest quality therapeutic herbal extracts.

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