Hedron EMF Pendant

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The perfect blend of EMF Harmonization, BioField Enhancement, and peace of mind. The Pendant is Hedron’s strongest EMF Harmonizer with added BioField Support. Frequency embedded Schumann Resonance at 7.83 Hz. Average BioField measurement increase of 26 meters when worn on the body. Boris Units measured at 1,100,000 Angstroms.

With the ever growing strength of harmful EMF in our homes due to cell phone towers, WiFi, dirty electricity, Smart Meters, Geo-Magnetic Stress, and the like, we are living in a sea of impairment that is unable to be cleared from our cells. In turn, this causes a continuous downgrade in cellular function and overall health. If you’re doing a good job of detoxification, taking the right supplements for nutrition, eating well, and exercising, you will continue to fight an uphill battle for optimal health unless the EMF in and around your home and work place is HARMONIZED to benefit your body.