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Cutting Edge Ideas in Health and Fitness

Pharmacist Ben's Bright Side Radio Show is a nationally syndicated radio program on the Genesis Communications Radio Network. The program can be heard on GCN Monday – Friday, from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. (MST).

The Bright Side is a fast-paced, entertaining and educational radio program that focuses on the latest, cutting edge ideas in health and fitness. Guaranteed to be a fun hour of weekly radio that will improve lives and empower day to day living.

The Bright Side is a call-in show, encouraging audience comments and questions and includes various topical guests. Featuring nutritional and wellness information about exercise, diet and supplementation, prescription drugs, psychological transformational tools as well as the timeless wisdom of all the great religions and philosophies.

In the words of Michael L. Zwerling, Owner of KSCO News/Talk AM 1080, “Pharmacist Ben Fuchs is the most inspiring, charismatic, and entertaining advocate for health and nutrition you will ever hear.”

Listeners can call 1-855-660-4261 to talk to Ben during the show.

What is the Bright Side?

The Bright Side is about understanding the invisible power that is pervades us, that is all around us and that we readily access, albeit unconsciously. This invisible power is not new agey or airy fairy or in any way, less than scientific. In fact, It’s as scientific as the electricity that turns on our lights. Actually, it is the same as the electricity that turns on our lights. It is this invisible power that shows up as electrical energy that powers the human body and powers the human mind. It is responsible for healing and growing and thriving and in biological terms we can refer to it as the life force. If you are religious you can call it GOD.